I don't remember when I had my first macaron but pretty sure it was in New York and pretty sure I loved it! They are fun sized and packed with flavor so whats not to love?! I also found them very satisfying to bite into because of the crispy thin shell and the gooey sweet filling. Other than that I really didn't know much about macarons and actually realized that I've been misspelling the name wrong until I sat down to write this post (oops). 

I met Christina and Simon, owners of Macaron Parlour in NYC, at an event and fell in love with their passion and charisma. I sat down with them at their East Side location to chat about macarons (and of course munch on some) and here is how the conversation went.

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Snap of Time in  Bites with Christina and Simon, owners of Macaron Parlour

Snap of Time in  Bites with Christina and Simon, owners of Macaron Parlour

What is a macaron?

A macaron is a French almond sandwich cookie usually filled with buttercream or ganache. Think of it as a French Oreo (but never actually call it that in front of a macaron enthusiast...it's just not classy).

What are some ways you've heard people describe macarons? Anything funny?

Most people come to shop expecting macaroons (two OOs), which are coconut cookie clusters. After the confusion is sorted through people are usually pleasantly surprised. Other humorous names include but are not limited to:

  • Pretty patties from Spongbob
  • Moroccan (as in from the country of Morocco)
  • Sweet hamburgers

So just to be clear we are talking about macaron with one "O"

macaron vs macaroon from lovelylittledetails.com

macaron vs macaroon from lovelylittledetails.com

Starting at $2.75 each, they are pricier than other treats, Why is that?

There are only 4 ingredients in macarons but one of those is almond flour which is pricey. For comparison,  50 lb of regular flour is $19 but 25 lb of almond flour is $200 (insert hands on checks screaming emoji here).

Macarons look so delicate, are they hard to make?

Making macarons is an art and a science. The hardest part is getting the consistency right so that they are soft on the inside with a thin crisp shell on the outside. The consistency  of the batter is affected by weather so on humid or really cold days the amount of each ingredient has to be adjusted. 

Where did macarons originate?

Italy or France depends on who you ask. The original macaron consisted of just one cookie and then it evolved into a sandwich cookie (thank god)!

So how did Macaron Parlour start?

Christina: I took a trip to France and brought back a box of macarons to share with my family but they ate them all without me. At the time I was going to pastry school so I decided to make my own. From there Simon and I (dating at the time and now married) decided to start selling them at street fairs and they took off from there. 

What differentiates your macarons from others in the city?

  • Flavors: We've incorporated more American flavors such as red velvet, candy bacon cream cheese, and even Cheetos. But don't worry, if you are all about a classic vanilla, we have that too!
  • Ingredients: We've incorporated some extra ingredients for additional flavor such as brown sugar and hazelnut flour.

What might people not know about Macaron Parlour?

  • We can fulfill very large orders. How large? Our biggest order was for 10,000 macarons!!! 
  • We can customize the shape, color, and design so the possibilities are endless!
  • We serve more than macarons. Stop by for cookies, muffins, coffee, and even dog treats. 

What is your favorite dessert spot when not eating macaroon?

Christina: I  love love love ice cream and my go to spot is Ice and Vice. 

Simon: I am all about a good eclair and my go to spot is Lafayette Bakery. Every Friday we like trying out a new bakery to get inspiration for new flavors and yummy creations.

Where can macaron seekers find your treats?

We have two locations for Macaron Parlour. We also have the first ever cat cafe in NYC, Meow Parlour, where you play with kittens and munch on macarons while you decide which fluff ball to take home. 

Macaron Parlour
111 St. Marks Place
Manhattan, NY

Macaron Parlour
560 Columbus Ave
Manhattan, NY

Meow Parlour
46 Hester Street
Manhattan, NY